While you may think that the Pokémon card game is a hobby past its prime, it’s still extremely popular to this day.

Even in South Africa, there are official leagues and competitive tournaments using the newest cards, which makes this 3D print still relevant today.

Designed by MyMiniFactory user Conor O’Kane, you’ll find 3D printed versions of the usual cardboard tokens you get in a pre-made deck. These being poison and burn markers, as well as damage counters in the 10 and 50 damage varieties. We haven’t played the game with the newest cards in about three years, but this, as well as some dice, were all you needed to go along with the cards.

The files to print your own tokens are available on MyMiniFactory to download for free.  O’Kane applied acrylic paints to the finished versions you can see in the gallery below.

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