Ford’s ongoing problems surrounding its Kuga SUV are back in the headlines again. Yesterday a police officer involved with the investigation into the death of Reshall Jimmy as a result of a fire in his engine compartment alleged that the firm has obstructed the police in their work.

The allegation was made by Constable Thembekile Matwa in an affidavit that was presented to the Cape Town High Court on Monday.  in response to Ford’s request for access to information relating to Mr Jimmy’s death in December 2015.

Matwa alleges Ford refused to provide him with forensic reports, wiring schematics, vehicle service history and previous complaints from the deceased about his car.

The constable goes on to say that Ford had also not furnished a report on the fire conducted by the firms own fire inspector, Anthony Young.

“When I requested Young’s report from Ford I was told that he had not provided it. I contacted Young and asked him about his report. He said he had given [Ford] the report on February 17 2016,” Matwa said in a report by Times Live.

Ford submitted a preliminary report and requested to inspect Jimmy’s vehicle a third time, but Matwa never received Young’s full report.

“I have also not received the report from the third inspection done by Ford on December 5 2016,” Matwa told Times.

The constable goes onto say that he has made formal requests for these time and time again only to receive no response from Ford.

“It is in the public interest that Ford submit the information, especially the information concerning the schematics of the burnt vehicle and Young’s report,” he says.

The Ford Kuga 1.6l Ecoboost motor vehicle was recalled by Ford Motor Company South Africa earlier this month but since then there have been reports of other Kuga models catching fire.

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