The Weasley Clock, as seen in Harry Potter, is a magical time piece that displays the locations of the Weasley family members using magic. Muggle and maker Pat Peters has done the same, using a Raspberry Pi and GPS.

Peters’ version is a little different the movie’s depiction. Instead of being a large grandfather clock with 9 people on the face, his is a smaller mantle clock displaying the location of only two people – Peters and his wife.

With a custom face displaying their locations and 3D printed hands complete with small portraits, this clock can indicate where the pair are, such as home, school, or the opera house where they volunteer.

It does this thanks to the Raspberry Pi model 1-B+ hidden inside of the clock. It is given information from the OwnTracks GPS app whenever Peters or his wife cross into a waypoint relating to an area on the clock. This causes a servo motor to move the appropriate hand to display where they are.

Here’s a test showing off the arms’ movement:

Everything you’d need to replicate this project is available in a tutorial on Instructables. All the code, files and settings are there, and you’ll need it to pull this off – it’s much trickier than the short explanation we gave above.

If the complexity doesn’t put you off. this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the magic from Harry Potter turned into reality thanks to some maker ingenuity. There’s Square Off , a chess board that moves its own pieces, much like Wizard’s Chess, and we’ve even seen a DIY animatronic Sorting Hat. Don’t forget about all the 3D prints either, such as this Dobby the House Elf which is, appropriately, free to download.


[Source – Raspberry Pi Blog Via Instructables]