Discord, the all-in-one chat app and messaging service, will be adding a new paid subscription option onto its current service.

Discord, for those unfamiliar with it, prides itself on being an alternative to apps such as TeamSpeak or Skype. It’s been around for 2 years and boasts roughly 25 million users worldwide. More importantly though, it’s entirely free but that’s where the newly announced Nitro service comes into play.

Discord states:

Moving into the future, we want to give you guys a chance to support us even further with Discord Nitro. 

Remember, the core voice and text communication of Discord will always be free. No server fees, no user cap fees, no messaging fees, none of that.

Again, it’s crazy to think about where we are today and we hope that you continue to support us as we hold hands and boost into the future. Thanks fam love ya ❤

Discord Nitro will add non-essential features to the chat app and is entirely optional. The Nitro upgrade will cost $5 a month and serves as a means for users to show their support for the company. Nitro users will gain access to the following features:

  • Animated Avatar — upload a GIF avatar that plays in your profile and when moused over in chat.
  • Use Custom Emoji Everywhere — get a global passport to use your custom emoji in any server or DM.
  • Boosted Upload Limit — share big images and files with a larger upload size of 50MB (from 8MB).
  • Rep Your Discord Support — display how long you’ve supported Discord with a special profile badge.


Discord intends to keep its main service free of charge and is currently working on multiple new features, which have been teased on the official blog.

Time doesn’t stop though and neither does our desire to keep building Discord into the sun. To get there, our engineers are back in the lab cooking us up some tasty things for 2017.