Ratchet & Clank was relevant again last year thanks to a movie and a new game, as well as a 3D print.

This six inch (~15cm) figurine comes to us from Garrett Kearney, also known as Chaos Core Tech on YouTube. We’ve featured him on this site before for his Planet Express Ship from Futurama.

You can download all the files you need to make your own Clank for free from either MyMiniFactory of Thingiverse. Kearney also created a video you can watch to see how he modelled, printed and painted the figure. 

Even though this design was uploaded last year, we missed it then and think it deserves attention now. Hopefully this will prompt Kearney to create a similar Clank print to go along with this, even though you can download one from other makers. There’s also a lot of other great designs from the Ratchet & Clank series too.

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