While 3D printed radio controlled (RC) cars have been around for a while now, we haven’t seen many motorcycles.

Now we have a pair of RC bikes with the unique addition of riders that are animated, allowing them to move when the bike does.

They come from Brett Turnage a recognisable name in the space of creating RC cars from scratch thanks to his previous efforts in recreations of Ayrton Senna’s F1 car and an Audi R18.

The bikes come in two flavours, modelled after the 2016 Ducati Draxter concept drag bike, and the 2016 Suzuki GSX-RR MotoGP.

Inside of the models there is a passive gyroscope to help them stay upright, as well as a tiny servo to move parts of the rider. It’s a bit eerie to see it in motion.

To make your own bike, or see how it was done, you’ll need the files to 3D print certain parts of it, available on Pinshape. After that you’ll need to read through a sizeable PDF included with it, which continues a list of required components as well as an assembly guide.

Turnage uploaded the files and guide to his bikes a couple of weeks ago and many sites covered them then. We held off waiting for any video to surface of the bikes actually being driven, as the only ones that had been uploaded were static ones showing off the drivetrain and rider.

Yesterday two videos were added to Turnage’s YouTube channel showing them off in motion, but it looks as though both of them are using outriggers to stay upright. The description of one video does indicate that this is the first drive, so maybe they’re only there in the interim.


[Via – Pinshape Blog]