Earlier this week we brought you news that Shia LaBeouf was staging a four year long protest against the division caused by Donald Trump.

The actor has since been arrested by police after LaBeouf had an altercation with a man who said the phrase, “Hitler did nothing wrong.”

A video of the altercation was posted to a He Will Not Divide Us account on Twitter.


After uttering the slur LaBeouf pushes the man away which trigger’s the response, “hey, why did you attack me?”. LaBeouf’s mother is Jewish.

The arrest of LaBeouf sparked outrage on Twitter. “Let me get this straight. You arrested a peaceful protestor but not the neo-nazi that came to anatagonize? Ok,” wrote one user. There have also been numerous calls to free LaBeouf.

LaBeouf has since been released according to the account which posted the video of the altercation but we have yet to see the actor back on camera on the He Will Not Divide Us livestream.


The He Will Not Divide us protest isĀ one of LaBeouf’s more impressive stunts presented before the public.

The art installation features a camera mounted on a wall where members of the public can go at anytime of day or night to utter the words, “he will not divide us” for as long as they like. They protest will continue for the next four years according to the official website.

The actor has already had a run with a white supremacist who uttered the phrase “1488” on camera. In that instance LaBeouf shouted the person down.