Proving that anything can be made better with an Arduino, maker Carl Gordon has created a DIY smart punching bag that “feels like more of a game than an exercise”.

Gordon started with a reflex punching bag – the type the springs back after being hit. This was improved upon by adding four LEDs to the base of the bag that light up at random, telling the boxer which side of the bag to hit. An accelerometer registers if the bag is hit in the right quadrant, and a different LED will light up.

An Arduino Uno inside of the weighted base manages the system, and it does look like a lot more fun that aimlessly beating a bag.

We’re sure the ardent boxers, boxing fans and health enthusiasts will find issues with this project but it can’t be faulted as a fun way to get active.

If you agree and want to make your own, or learn more about how Gordon made his, he has a full build log on Instructables that you can follow.

We imagine this project can be taken further by creating an app that would register punches and times and translate them into some kind of game.


[Source – Arduino Blog Via Instructables]
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