Ori and the Blind Forest may have come out in 2015, but it still has a dedicated fan base creating awesome projects like this: a real life Shrouded Lantern with an Arduino at its core.

Meant only as an ornament, this artistic take on the lantern is made by hand in clay and lit up by several RGB LEDs controlled by an Arduino. A Bluetooth module added to the mix allows the colours of the LEDs to be controlled from a phone so you can light it up anyway you like.

If this is exactly the kind of complex paperweight you’d like to make, its creator has uploaded a build log to Instructables so you can follow along. The bad news is that the main body of the build was done by hand with clay, and there’s no accurate way to replicate it except having a bash yourself. We would suggest 3D printing one, but we couldn’t find any files of the lantern online.

We can  see this project being expanded to be a kind of mood light. Connecting it to a PC over Bluetooth could allow the colours to change dynamically based on what you see in a game you’re playing.