In today’s episodes of “Household Objects Sure To Scare Away Family And Friends”, we have a custom made hunting trophy modelled after the Wampa from Star Wars.

This bizarre creation comes to us from a polymer clay artist and sculptor who goes by the name “Make My Clay” (very clever!) and measures in at 20cm x 20cm x 17cm. We’re sure that’s smaller than a Wampa in the fictional of the movie, but we’ll give it a pass.

It’s made of different types of clay, fake fur and aluminium foil, among other things. The completed head is mounted on a wooden backing board so it’s ready to mount.

We love ourselves a good replica, but this Womba is realistic enough to make us have nightmares of icy caves.

While Make My Clay did provide a build log of how they made this beast, there’s very little chance you can make your own without a tonne of artistic talent. Luckily they operate an Etsy Store where this trophy is currently being sold. It ships from Australia and will cost you an arm at USD $180 (~R2 433).

Only one of these exists, so you can justify it to yourself or your significant other as a commissioned art piece, because that’s what it is.

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