You know what videogames need less of? Cliffhanger endings.

In this industry where nearly every release has to make serious bank in order to justify a sequel, cliffhanger endings aren’t just unfair to players, they’re downright irresponsible.

It’s irritating enough to have sunk 12+ hours into a game only to be offered nothing in the way of closure, but if the game doesn’t sell very well, its cliffhanger ending will never be paid off.

My hatred for cliffhanger endings started back in 2003 when I played all the way through Ubisoft’s cel-shaded FPS XIII only to be rewarded with an ending that screamed out for a sequel. Then the game’s sales came in – they sucked – and the franchise was¬†cancelled.

So Ubisoft went on my list sharing space with Valve (yes, I would like Half Life 3) and later Electronic Arts (you know what you did with Bulletstorm).

Now Square Enix has been added to the list.

According to a report on Eurogamer, the publisher’s cyberpunk RPG series Deus Ex look like it’s going to be mothballed. The site points out that with the brand new focus on a new Avengers game with Marvel¬†and the fact that most of the rest of Square Enix’s staff in Montreal are working on the new Tomb Raider game, and Deus Ex is probably not going to see a new full instalment for quite some time.

This prediction is no doubt bolstered by the fact that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided didn’t exactly set the world alight with its sales.

This will be something of a sore point for fans because – yes, you guessed it – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided didn’t provide a hell of a lot of closure with its ending. Oh, and the DLC in the pipeline is a prequel, so it’s not that’ll give players any denouement.

Please, videogame makers, no more cliffhangers. I’d hate to add more of you to this list of shame.