Windows 10 high performance mode for games on the way

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This could be news that saves me a fortune, or not: Microsoft says it’s introducing a new high performance “Game Mode” for Windows 10, which it claims will optimise a system for playing games.

Game Mode will be part of the “Creators Update”, parts of which are being send out on the Insiders’ network this week.

There aren’t many details about Game Mode yet. But as someone who’s five-year-old gaming PC, once a 12-core, top-end GPU beast to be feared, has started to struggle with games like Total War: Warhammer and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, I’m intrigued as to what will be achieved by game mode. Will it save me the expense of what looks like a necessary upgrade in the near future by offering 100fps at Ultra settings on my old rig?

I’ll be honest – I’m neither terribly hopeful and nor has Microsoft claimed this is likely. Gaming optimisations have been created in the past, but they’ve mostly focussed on turning off background applications, prioritising network traffic and all the things which even my ageing machine doesn’t really struggle with. By who knows? I could be surprised.

Other features announced for the update over the weekend include better support for Beam and streaming games from a PC to an Xbox One (to play remotely), and all those features for sharing videos and achievements which the kids seem to like but give me the screaming heebies.

The Creators Update to Windows 10 is a service pack style point release which introduces better support for things like 4K video and gaming and 3D modelling tools as part of the Windows 10 desktop, with especial love given to touchscreens like Microsoft’s own Surface. It’s due sometime around Easter.

[Image from Total Warhammer press kits]

Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford

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