Wumdrop will deliver parcels to your phone’s location

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This essentially means that in order to ensure their item is delivered, a customer might sometimes have to remain in the same place for the entire day. Depending on what service they’re using, they may not even be able to track their parcel or get hold of the courier to find out when it will arrive.

But what if there was a service that delivered goods to wherever one happened to be, as long as they had a smartphone with them?

This is question delivery service Wumdrop seeks to answer with Deliver 2 Me, a web-based app that consumers can use to deliver goods right to their phone’s geo-location. They can pick a time, a date and they don’t even need to be at a recognised street address.

“Delivering to an address is a solution as old as the story of Marathon, and even in South Africa (which has arguably the best road and address infrastructure in Africa) address data has an unacceptably high rate of inaccuracy, which lowers the maximum threshold of delivery success for a retailer or courier service to below 100%,” says Wumdrop Founder Simon Hartley.
“Conversely, Africa as a continent enjoys one of the highest growing rates of smartphone penetration in the world, making Deliver 2 Me the perfect example of an African solution with application to a global problem,” he says.

The Cape Town based company, which has been described as ‘Uber for deliveries’, has been on something of a hot streak since its inception, snagging the 2015 MTN App Of The Year Award and racking up around 33 000 subscribers to its service.

Deliver 2 Me looks to have the potential to expand Wumdrop’s reach and reputation significantly.

“Deliver 2 Me is the next logical step in Wumdrop’s journey,” says Hartley. “We started this business because we believed it was ridiculous that people couldn’t get local packages at the exact time and date that they wanted, and were beholden to the back office mechanics of arcane delivery services.”

“Fairly soon after starting Wumdrop it became apparent to us that the very concept of addresses was one of the biggest inhibitors of getting packages to individuals accurately,” Hartley says. “So for the last 18 months we’ve been driving at a scalable solution to deliver to people, not places.”

Hartley says Wumdrop has been testing the Deliver 2 Me app since late November and so far, it has a delivery accuracy of 100% for The Foschini Group – which at the time of writing, no other delivery company has ever been able to say at scale.

If more businesses and consumers start to use Wumdrop’s latest creation, it won’t be long before this young company becomes a household name.