While we have gifs and videos to make our pictures move, having animated images in print is something that still remains exclusively in the fiction of Harry Potter.

There are ways to cheat, however, and maker John-William Forcier has shown us how.

Forcier has printed out a graphic of the Daily Prophet and mounted inside of a frame. The static image of Sirius Black has been cut out leaving a window that has been filled with a digital picture frame.

A video of Sirius, as seen in the movie, is loaded onto the screen as a loop, and you wind up with this:

Now we’ve seen this project done before, sometimes with cheap tablets instead of a picture frame and sometimes with Sirius’s wanted poster instead of the Daily Prophet.

What we haven’t seen is a good tutorial and build log on how to do it, which Forcier has uploaded onto Instructables. You’ll find everything you need to replicate this project there.

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