We’ve been covering the LEGO recreations of the Titans from Titanfall 2 for some time now, but let’s go back to the first game and see a build from that title.

Flickr user chubbybots has tackled the Atlas Titan that differentiates itself from the similar builds from Marius Herrmann and user Nick Brick by having the best of both worlds. It has a design closer to what’s seen in the game like Herrmann’s creations, while still having the ability to fit a LEGO minifigure pilot like the Nick Brick builds.

The only downside to this is that the Atlas is much bigger than the offerings from either builder. If you want one of these titanic builds on your desk or shelf, you’ll need a lot of LEGO.

While there are no instructions provided for this Titan, there is a gallery of images detailing the building process. If you know your way around a brick, you should be able to reverse engineer your own version.

For those less versed in these custom LEGO creations, we suggest you check out this Ronin Titan from Titanfall 2, which comes with a full parts list and instructions.



Front with weapon


Back with weapon stowed away


Minifigure pilot


The underlying frame



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