Failbetter Games, the developer behind the superb Sunless Sea, has just launched the Kickstarter for the next game in its Fallen London series.

The new game, Sunless Skies, is a 2D top-down exploration game set in the same dark steampunk universe as its predecessor, except this time players travers the stars rather than an inky black ocean filled with Cthulu-inspired horrors. For a taste of what you can expect, check out the trailer below:

Failbetter Games was asking for £100,000 out of an estimated total development cost of £330,000, but in less than 24 hours it shot past this amount. At the time of writing,£138,676 has been pledged, so it looks like Sunless Skies is in the pipeline.

If you’ve not been following the development of this game – it was announced last year – here’s what you can expect: players take on the role of a spaceship captain who takes to the skies to help the British Empire expand its horizons beyond the stars.

Players can choose their character’s back-story, the circles they run in (high society, criminal underworld) and a crew to help them survive in the big black. Whether they’ll end up having to eat their friends at some stage remains to be seen (Jean-Luc Picard would be appalled, we’re sure).

Combat, like that in the Sunless Sea, is in real-time and will hinge on tactics and ship manoeuvrability – although we’re guessing that an arsenal of bloody big guns won’t hurt. The skies will be filled with a plethora of enemies – and yes, beasts of indescribable terror will be a part of the equation.

There’s no word on a planned release date as yet, but the game will be made available (at least initially) on Mac, PC and Linux. If you’ve not played Sunless Sea, check out our review. If Sunless Skies sounds like your bag, head over to the Kickstarter page and check out the pledge tiers.