With Crash Bandicoot’s return in the form of the N. Sane Trilogy imminent, we thought the time was right to dig up a 3D print or two from the game.

Instead of going with one of the main character, we found these designs of the Aku Aku mask that were too good to pass up.

The first, which was uploaded recently, is a keychain of the mask. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and you’ll have to provide your own metal chain. It can be downloaded for free from Pinshape.

The other print we found, which was uploaded to Thingiverse some time ago, is more interesting. It’s a much larger print of the mask and it comes with a stand so you can display it on a desk. If the N. Sane Trilogy gets a physical collector’s edition, this would make the perfect inclusion. Only you can have it now, for free.

While the keychain is one solid print that will need to be painted, the larger desktop display variant comes in multiple sliced pieces. If you have the right colours of filament lying around, you can print them individually and avoid the need for painting.

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