Square Enix announced during their Active Time Report livestream that a multitude of updates are currently in the works for Final Fantasy XV.

The livestream, which can be viewed below, was packed with information and a handy schedule has since been made available for FFXV fans to keep track of what’s to come.

Most notably, an offroad mode called “Free Ride” was revealed for the Regalia. No release date for this was announced but you can see it in action at 50:33 in the video above.

The rest of the update schedule is as follows:

21st February

Level cap increase from 99 to 120 – You can’t stock up on experience points in advance though, as they won’t count past level 99 until after the update.

Photo storage increase from 150 to 200

Use of the music player while riding Chocobos

Limited-time quests – There’ll be a variety of quests that you can only take on for a limited time. For now, it’s Hunts, but there will be others in the future, such as fishing.

PS4 Pro full-HD 60fps support

DLC Booster Pack+ – A DLC bundle that features the Boost Sword weapon, the Dragon Mod fishing rod, and the Aviol reel.

A free “Magitek Exosuit” update was also due with the rest of the features above but has since been delayed due to similarities with the latest Power Ranger’s suits.

28th March

Chapter 13 update – Enhancements to Chapter 13, including an opportunity to play as Gladiolus for a short period.

DLC Episode: Gladiolus

31st March

Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV will be removed from PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.


DLC Episode: Prompto

With all the future content planned, Final Fantasy XV fans have a lot to look forward to!

Currently, FFXV also has the Moogle Chocobo Carnival event running so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already.