City of Tshwane Mayor, Solly Msimanga, has refuted “rumours” allegedly peddled by members of the ANC that the city is doing away with the TshWiFi free WiFi service.

“Misinformation peddled by the ANC at large in Tshwane with respect to free WiFi is simply that; misinformation,”¬†Samkelo Mgobozi said in a statement.

It is not clear what was said in these rumours.

“The city has in fact continued with certain projects like TshWifi but has encouraged the private sector to come on board in order for the city to proliferate, and not diminish WiFi in the city for residents and businesses but not at the expense of the city who you can appreciate cannot foot the entire bill. It is just not sustainable when there are options to proliferate it in partnership with the private sector,” Mgobozi went on.

Mgobozi added that the ANC believed that the project should be fully state funded¬†because “it is consistent with its deference and preoccupation with statist policy positions”.

The only issues TshWiFi has run into are a string of outages cutting off connectivity in various zones.

‘There are currently 1 050 live hotspots across the city and all are operational. The only unavailability of hotspots relates to outages due to power failure, fibre breaks or equipment faults and these are all responded to and repaired within agreed service levels. The current network operational uptime is above the 95% agreed service levels and is maintained at around 98% availability. While some sites may experience long outages due to fibre breaks that could take a few days to repair, the majority of sites remain consistently active and serving almost 300 000 daily connections across the city,” Mgobozi said.

The city is currently engaging with the private sector on mechanisms to reduce the costs of the service with a view to create a sustainable approach to delivering the WiFi service to citizens and ultimately make it more affordable for the city.