This is going to seem like a very strange story if you didn’t grow up in a Portuguese family, but the Rooster of Barcelos is a very popular piece of iconography in the culture, and now it’s become a 3D print.

My grandparent’s house was filled with depictions of this rooster – from embroidered tablecloths to printed napkins and, most prominently, wooden carvings of the rooster.

This is what has been recreated as a 3D print that you can download for free from MyMiniFactory. The statuette is sliced into multiple pieces so you can print it in different colours, negating the need for paint. That being said, it lacks the distinctive intricate pattern that makes it so recognisable, so don’t put the paints away too fast.

To go along with it we also found a simpler design consisting of two flat prints that can be slotted together, forming a silhouette. It too is free to download.

We don’t know if it’s intentional, but it’s timely that the uploader of these designs made them available in 2017, which is the Year of the Rooster according to the Chinese zodiac.

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