We found a little blast from the past while looking for new 3D prints today, because we unearthed the Space Battleship Yamato, (also sometimes called the Space Cruiser Yamato from the English version) of the show Star Blazers.

The printed out version of the ship you see below is a remix of an existing design from Thingiverse. The original design was one solid object, which meant you couldn’t print out a suitably large version of the ship without a gigantic 3D printer.

The new version, which is available to download for free from MyMiniFactory, has been sliced into pieces so you can build a bigger battleship with a smaller printer. Unfortunately, the uploader didn’t provide any measurements for their test print, so you’ll have to eyeball how big their one is.

The also provided a very simple colour scheme that, while getting the job done well enough, is begging for another artist to come in and improve. Hopefully the availability of these files will lead to that in the future.

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