Internet service provider, Crystal Web, has just launched its first mobile data packages using Vodacom’s network infrastructure. And to entice you over to try its services, it’s running a R1 per GB promo deal for all customers for the first month, and there’s no long-term lock-in either. All contracts are on a month-to-month basis.. It’s also reducing the cost of ADSL data to the same price for new customers throughout February too.

Perhaps wary of consumer backlash given how much the big networks make from out-of-bundle charges, Crystal Web CEO Shaun Kaplan says that customers won’t have the option to go out-of-bundle. It’s top-up or turn off.

“What we uncovered is that with the latest mobile data speeds, a customer can end up with a R20,000 bill for accidental out of bundle data transfers in under 30 minutes. We’ve killed that option in our product suite. Customers choose, instead, to upgrade once they’ve run out of data,” Crystal Web CEO, Shaun Kaplan, explained.

Existing Vodacom contract customers can switch to Crystal Mobile data by changing their APN details. Prepaid and non-Vodacom customers will receive a pre-provisioned SIM card from the company.

Below is a breakdown of Crystal Web’s standard rates, which will kick in after the first month of joining its data plan:

Be wary however. In the small print we’re informed that this promo is limited in quantity to ensure the quality of experience for end users.