Here’s why South Africa isn’t included in the Hearthstone Global Games

If you’re a fan of Blizzard’s card-battling game Hearthstone, you may be aware that around five days ago, the Hearthstone Global Games opened.

The prize pool for this competition is $300 000 so there’s plenty of cash for participants to win. The top player from each country is automatically invited to their nation’s team – and this is according to the Hearthstone’s competitive standings – and three more are voted into contention by the game’s local communities.

If you pop along to the Hearthstone Global Games announcement page on the Hearthstone blog (the link is in the first paragraph) you’ll also see the terms and conditions for this tournament. In among them is a list of the nations from which players are eligible to compete and here’s where South African players are in for some bad news: our sunny nation ain’t on the list.

Naturally, since we’re big Hearthstone fans and we know that there are a ton of local players who share our love for this game, we wanted to know why we weren’t allowed into the Global Games. To that end, we reached out to Blizzard for an explanation and while it took a little while to arrive, we now know why South Africans aren’t eligible.


Apparently, according to Blizzard’s esports division, ‘[Blizzard] mainly determined the participation of HGG countries based on the total number of Legend ranks and Legend ranking in their respective region”.

Essentially what this means that not enough South African players managed to reach Legend ranking or hold onto Legend ranking at the end of several seasons. In short, we weren’t good enough to qualify.

That having been said, Blizzard did tell that it’ll be using the same metrics to determine which countries are eligible for next years’ Global Games, so if you’re unhappy we were left out, start building those decks, kicking some ass and climbing the Ranked ladder. Oh – and get every Hearthstone player you know doing the same.


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