It’s the first (full) week of February and 2017 shows no signs of slowing down.

This week the usual suspects Clinton Matos, Nick Cowen and Brendyn Lotz gather in studio to chat about what caught their attention.

For the gamers looking to sink their teeth into a game for the foreseeable future, Nick recommends giving Yakuza 0 a swing. We also spend a considerable amount of time talking about the real Yakuza.

Then Clinton chats about The Space Between Us and why it’s a good movie that is definitely worth seeing. He also gives us a bit of a primer on the LEGO Batman movie which releases in cinemas this Friday.

As an aside you might notice the audio in this podcast is not up to its usual fidelity. During recording the audio sounded perfect but in post-production we noticed the quality was significantly lower than expected. We do apologise for this and we are working to solve the problem for future htxt.africasts.

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