As today is Valentine’s Day we’re going to be showcasing a simpler, sweeter Arduino project: the Valentine Blink, a voice controlled LED heart.

At it’s heart (oh, ha ha! -ed.), this project is an array of LEDs mounted on a heart shaped, custom PCB. An Arduino Nano connected to a microphone and a voice recognition module listens for your voice and lights up in a pleasing fashion when it hears it.

The electronics are mounted inside of an empty Ferrero Rocher heart shaped chocolate box, which has received a red paint job

If you want to replicate this project – maybe you have time at work right now for it to be a real last minute gift – you can find the full guide on

To end off we want to point out some funny stuff we came across while writing this. In that video one of the phones spouts out “I love you” and the other replies with “yes”. Ouch, that’s cold, even for a phone.

Secondly, if you Google “Ferrero Rocher” right now, the Top Stories popping up concern CeeLo Green and his exceedingly odd fashion choices at the Grammy’s.

And, finally, if this is too lovey dovey for you, we have a cynical maker project to go along with this in the LoverMatic Arduino project that will pay you compliments for cash. Not only is that all kinds of messed up on a deeper level, but it was based on a previous project called the HaterMatic, which gives out insults instead.