The 2016 version of DOOM was one of the best games of last year, and it’s still getting love from the gaming community.

That love has manifested itself in a 3D print of parts of the Praetor Suit – the Doomguy’s new armour that took a departure from the sparse costume of the original character.

A user on Thingiverse has, so far, almost perfectly recreated the helmet, chest and pauldrons, all of which can be downloaded for free.

In the description of the most recent addition to the armour, the uploader states that the limbs will take “take quite a while to make”. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t print out a full Praetor Suit just yet.

Looking at it as a glass half full situation, the uploader remarks that these three pieces of the suit can still be used together as an updated version of that classic Doomguy look. You can see that in cosplay in the gallery below.

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