New roads and freeway extensions to be built in Gauteng will not be etolled, according to Premier David Makhura.

Makhura announced this during his State of The Province Address (SOPA) delivered in Randfontein this morning.

Makhura has been considered by the public as one of the few ANC politicians who’ve leaned towards scrapping etolls.

In 2014, etolls as a means of collecting revenue for road infrastructure in the province were reviewed by a panel upon instructions from Makhura, although the panel decided against scrapping the system.

In his 2015 SOPA, Makhura said the provincial government had heard the public’s complaints about the system and that it was looking at ways in which it can make the etolls more affordable. A few months later, a short-term etolls dispensation was announced by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“We are mobilising resources for public transport infrastructure in ways that will ensure that we don’t commit the same mistakes done with the etolls. We can’t build roads and only later inform citizens that they must pay. In fact, there will be no etolls on our new roads,” Makhura said.

“I must admit publicly, as I did last year, that all the efforts we have made through the Advisory Panel have not led to the resolution of concerns of Gauteng motorists regarding affordability. We have tried our best. The ultimate solution can only come from national level. We will continue to engage in order to represent the interests of our residents,” he added.