This category is always interesting to watch, as people’s opinions of our local cellular providers as expressed on social media varies wildly between “I love them I never have a dropped call!” to “Oh my word do you people even know how to run a network?!?” With that in mind, here are the results of this year’s survey.



A large majority of our readers chose Vodacom, something that could be down to the fact that it’s the biggest network in South Africa and has the most subscribers. The provider won the vote by an impressive majority, too, with 34.5% of the votes – 18.5% ahead of third-placed Telkom Mobile.

Why no second place comparison, you ask? Because second place went to the somewhat jokey option of “Two cans tied together by a ratty piece of string”, which walked away with a 24% of the vote.

Which leaves a rather large elephant in the room that needs addressing: customer dissatisfaction with South Africa’s mobile networks. Fully 24% of the readers that took this survey opted for this tongue-in-cheek option, and while some probably did it for a laugh, it’s also entirely possible others did it because of their experiences with those companies.

So if any mobile network bigwigs are reading this, at your next big strategy meeting, you may want to bring up “Customer satisfaction and what we can do to improve it” for discussion.


Percentage of votes: 34.5%
Runner-up: Telkom Mobile with 16% of the votes

Journalist’s choice

With the price of mobile data rising, less-than-satisfactory network reception regardless of which network you’re with, the mysterious disappearance of airtime, data and money from customers’ accounts that still hasn’t been answered to consumers’ satisfaction, picking the best mobile network is like choosing a lesser evil. It’s so bad, I honestly don’t think we’d be any worse off with two tins and a ratty piece of string.

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