The Arena mode has been something of a haven for Hearthstone players of late given the plague of pirates and Jade Golems, but that haven may soon be gone.

In a post on the forums the developer outlined the forthcoming changes to Arena, the most notable of which is that the mode will switch from Wild format to Standard.

“Many of the cool synergies between cards, such as Jade Golems or Mechs, live within each individual set release. Attempting to create decks that utilize these meaningful synergies in a wide and diluted card pool will become more and more difficult as the Wild card pool grows larger,” said Blizzard.

While this comes as quite a shock, Hearthstone game director Ben Brode told one concerned fan that Blizzard may revert back to Wild format should players not enjoy the change.

Players will also see a lot less Common and Neutral Classic cards in Arena with more Rare, Epic and Legendary cards showing up. Blizzard has also noted that Abyssal Enforcer and Flamestrike should show up 50% less in Arena than they currently do.

A golden spell

If you start an Arena run today you’ll find that spell cards are few and far between. Blizzard hopes to fix this by making spells appear more often during the drafting phase.

“Bringing the distributions of spells and minions closer together allows for more room to have an Arena game that is more strategic and facilitates more plays and counter-plays to occur,” writes the developer.

Finally, if you happen to have a few golden cards knocking around these will now appear in the drafting phase. If you have one golden variant of a card the first copy of that card will be golden, if you have two both copies of that card will be golden.

This new version of Arena will start when the next update goes live. According to Blizzard this should be toward the end of February so if you currently have a run on the go you may want to finish it before these changes go live.

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