We’ve found another 3D print to join Amon’s mask from The Legend of Korra: this electrified glove, preferred weapon of the Equalists.

Created by 3D Central, the 3D printed parts are made to be glued to a Youngstown kevlar glove. This means that it can still be worn as a glove, unlike the gauntlets they recently made.

Files to make your own gloves and can be found for free on MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse. 3D Central also maintains an Etsy store where they sell their latest designs. Since this is one of the older ones they made, it’s no longer in stock, but you could always shoot them a message and request it.

This story brings us to a close of our short-lived celebration centred around the Avatar franchise. We kicked it off a few days ago as the The Last Airbender recently had its 12th anniversary. We started things off with 12 3D prints from the original show.

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