On Sunday, Telkom announced (and launched) the new FREEme FAMILY mobile package offering customers the option to share data and minutes with up to 10 family members.

The package came about from feedback Telkom received about its initial FREEme offering – a lot of customers told Telkom they’d love to be able to share their FREEme services with family members.

We were told that FREEme sold approximately 260 000 connections in the first three months since launch. The latest figures will be announced in March of this year.


FREEme FAMILY has three tiers offering three different sets of benefits at various price points. They are:

You may have spotted the “100GB FUP” (Fair Usage Policy) below the “unlimited” package. Naturally, we asked Bertus Van der Vyver (Telkom Consumer’s Managing Executive of Customer Value Management) about it. He told us that once the 100GB hard cap has been reached, the speed of the connection will be throttled down to 128kbps.

So it’s still technically “unlimited” in the sense that you’ll still be able to connect to the internet, but it’s certainly limited in terms of the speeds you’ll get after that 100GB point.

That said, a speed reduction once that threshold has been crossed is really the only downside to Telkom’s offer.

I was particularly pleased with these benefits:

  • One contract to manage even with 10 family members using it
  • Free Telkom to Telkom monthly minutes (a 3000 minute – 50 hour! – FUP applies)
  • Free use of Vibr, BBM and WhatsApp
  • 50 free SMSes per SIM per day
  • The account holder can allocate data and minutes to the SIM cards attached to the account – great for parents
  • 10GB of free WiFi data per SIM, per month

And when I had a look at the out of bundle rates for the account, I was very pleasantly surprised:

  • 69c per minute for voice calls (billed per second)
  • 30c per SMS
  • 50c per MMS

The only out of bundle price I didn’t like was the 29c per MB data cost, which equates to R290 per gigabyte. That’s still expensive compared to the per-gigabyte cost of fixed-line internet connectivity, but at least the FREEme FAMILY data allocations are quite generous so it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid paying out of bundle rates.

Should this strike you as something you’d like to take advantage of, FREEme FAMILY is available as of yesterday, and you can sign up at the Telkom store nearest to you. The Telkom website does not yet offer it, however, so if you go looking online you won’t find it.

What do you think about this? Will you be switching over to a FREEme FAMILY contract, or are you happy with your current provider? As always, let us know.

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