What do you do when you have a spare Arduino, a magnetic sensor and a rudimentary screen? If you’re the folks over at circuito.io, you build the Giftduino.

Yes in what must be the silliest maker project we’ve featured so far, the Giftduino is simply a box that plays a jingle and displays a simple message when you open it.

And, well, that’s it really. If you’re wondering why this project exists, it’s purely a demonstration of two new components that have been added to circuito.io’s service – the sensor and the screen.

They’ve done a similar job in the past, showing how their site can be used to create something like this Nespresso capsule detector.

It’s just a simple beginner project that’s fun to make, but we have a better idea for this: gag gifts. We envision sending one of these to a friend without a power cable (it not running on a battery only adds to this), waiting for them to find one, plugging it in and opening it to receive a rude message on the display and over the speaker.

If you’re willing to put in the work for an elaborate, electronic method of delivering phallic jokes to your friends, a guide to make a Giftduino is available on hackster.io