These telescopic Wolverine claws are ingenious 3D prints

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If you’ve ever fantasised about metal claws popping out of your fists like Wolverine from X-Men, we have some good news for you.

Thanks to a 3D print created by le FabShop you can get close to making your fantasy a reality. These single print claws are telescopic, requiring a flick of the wrist to help the claws extend out of the housing.

You can get yourself these claws for free by downloading their files off of Thingiverse. Make sure you also check out the related YouTube video showing off how they were designed and made.

These ‘claws’ were available back in October of 2016. We’ve featured this version now (aside from the fact that they’re unreasonably cool) because they’re a newer, simpler model that was just uploaded. It also looks much closer to both the comic books and the movies.

These take the same form of many movie props we’ve seen being sold before – a central handle that the claws sprout out from with curves which help hide the structure, making the blades appear to pop out from between the knuckles.

These are also free and can be downloaded from MyMiniFactory.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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