It’s Wednesday, which means it’s another episode of the htxt.africast.

The usual suspects (Brendyn, Nick and myself) are in the studio discussing the newest phones from Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 and the new game For Honor.

Brendyn starts us off with MWC, telling us about which phones we should be considering in the future if you have the money and taste for flagships. Or the complete opposite, because the Nokia 3310 is back as a redesigned feature phone. And yes, it plays Snake.

If you prefer alternate histories where vikings, crusaders and samurai battle it out, For Honor is for you. Nick has been playing it and has his thoughts to share to supplement his review, which can be found below along with the other stories mentioned in the podcast.

Oh, and spelling “honour” without the “u” is driving us insane. It was bad enough when Armored Core was popular.

Stories mentioned in this week’s htxt.africast