The popular party game for awful people, Cards Against Humanity, is getting a South African version that’s unofficial, free, and crowd sourced.

Jonathan Berkowitz is behind this push to create the cards. His idea is to get suggestions for cards anonymously, cherry pick the best ones, and then email them out to everyone who signs up on his website.

To make a suggestion you can email him directly, or you can fill out this Google Doc. We really suggest doing the latter, as you can read the submissions so far.

Before we look at some examples, let’s go over the rules if you’ve never played Cards Against Humanity. A dealer will ask a question using a black card, and the players will answer with a white one. The dealer reads the white cards and picks the winner, and that player gets a point.

Another qualifier before looking at the examples is that this game is intended to be rude and offensive, so take the below with more than a grain of salt.

Black Cards:

This week on Carte Blanche, we uncover ______.

What never fails to liven up a Braai?

The M-Net Sunday night movie is ______.

Things less flammable than Nkandla

SABC News reports: Jacob Zuma now claims that ______ will cure AIDS


Tonight, on E! ______

The Sangoma told him he was bewitched by ______

______ Made the Proteas choke

What’s on the new R200 note?

White Cards:

Getting drunk and kissing a hippie from Noordhoek after a lentil curry

Street name changes

Klapping gym boet

The number of times callers on Good Hope FM use the phrase ” I wanna send a shout out”

A punch up at SONA


Dick slap from the Tokoloshe

Our system is currently offline

Ford Kuga’s catching fire


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