Owners of Ford’s 2l diesel Kuga have been urged to take their vehicles to a dealer to have a problem resolved which could affect the vehicle’s brakes.

The problem is linked to the brake booster vacuum pipe which may come into contact with the turbo-charger heat shield.

“After several heat cycles the pipe could come into contact with the heat shield, causing damage to the pipe. This would increase the pressure required by the driver on the brake pedal during braking,” a notice sent to Kuga owners and seen by Times Live reads.

Ford South Africa notes that the issue affects 848 2l diesel Kugas in South Africa but goes onto say that the vehicle can still stop effectively and “meets all legal brake requirements.”

Vehicles will be inspected and a clip that should keep the pipe away from harm will be fitted. Should the pipe already be damaged Ford will replace it.

This is yet another knock for Ford South Africa which issued a recall of the 1.6l Kuga earlier this year after as many as 52 vehicles caught fire.

The fires are believed to have been caused by a lack of coolant circulation which may have caused cracks in the cylinder head which in turn could lead to oil leaking and catching fire.



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