The robot dinosaur from Horizon Zero Dawn – the Tyrannosaurus-eque Thunderjaw – has been recreated in LEGO by Marius Herrmann.

You may have heard that name in the past. The young German student has received international recognition for his builds of the Titans from Titanfall 2.

When we last spoke to Hermann he told us that he was working on two extremely large projects outside of Titanfall, and now we know what one of them is.

You can see the build in all its glory in the gallery below.

Comprised of so many pieces Hermann lost count, this build was started in January in an attempt to coincide with the game’s release.

“I spent almost every evening trying to balance him properly just to redo it the next evening because I changed certain panels,” Herrmann said, “But it absolutely paid off when I saw the designers and developers from Guerrilla Games posting and liking my build. It just blew my mind that the people who actually made the original like my MOC!”

This isn’t the first time the Horizon Zero Dawn developers have fawned over some LEGO. A builder from South Africa gave the same treatment to the Tallneck machine last year. This was picked up by Hideo Kojima, and the instructions were put online for anyone to have.