Twitch has announced Pulse, a social network that will operate within the streaming platform and give streamers and viewers an additional way to interact with each other.

True, Twitch Chat serves this purpose to some degree but Pulse will be a way for the community to engage with each other when a stream is not live.

Users will be able to share videos from YouTube as well as Twitch itself, links, GIFs, images and text, just like you can on Twitter.

Streamers will be able to moderate their channels and decide who can comment on their posts but all users will be able to react to posts with emotes.

Pulse is being rolled out in the coming weeks and will appear on the front page when it is live.

One could argue that what users wanted wasn’t yet another social network but call us optimistic when we say that a platform for gamers to interact with the streamers they enjoy on a more regular basis seems like a nice touch.

Of course Pulse could end up being a service that nobody ever uses and fades into obscurity but we’d point out that Amazon owns Twitch and this might just be the firm’s chance to create something that grows beyond the confines of Twitch into something more gargantuan.