Yes it’s the middle of the week and another edition of the htxt.africast where the usual suspects – Brendyn, Nick and myself – are in the studio to have it out at each other and the microphones.

Nick has been playing the newest robot dinosaur game, Horizon Zero Dawn. He gives us his full thoughts on the game just ahead of his review which will be going up soon.

It’s difficult to talk about games lately without mentioning the Nintendo Switch. While we don’t have one in the office (Nintendo pls) we can talk about it’s peculiar launch which is both rife with problems, while still being successful. Huh.

Finally Brendyn ends us off with a brief mention of DevConf 2017. A developer-focused event that you can’t attend as the tickets are sold out. Luckily, he’ll be attending to sit through the boring stuff and bring us the juicy bits.

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