Google and Levi’s showed off the connected denim jacket known as Project Jacquard at South by South West at the weekend and, while its not quite ready to go on sale just yet, we want one.

Our desire for this unassuming jacket is driven by the fact that Project Jacquard is functional, unlike other wearable tech. The jacket contains conductive fibres which are woven into the jacket which connect to a Bluetooth dongle of sorts.

This dongle allows the jacket to be connected to a smartphone and would allow you to say skip to a song you want to listen to with a few taps on your sleeve.

The conductive fibers in the jacket are flexible so you don’t resemble a stiff denim board and – once the Bluetooth dongles are removed – it can be put in the wash without being damaged. Incidentally, those Bluetooth dongles will last two days before needing a charge according to a report by Engadget.

The jacket is aimed at cyclists though you’ll have to have a rather weighty bank balance to afford one when it launches in Spring. Google and Levi’s have tacked a $350 (~R4500) price tag on Project Jacquard.

It’s a rather interesting take on wearables if we’re honest and we’re excited to see what other clothing gets the “smart” treatment in the future. Connected trousers that tell you whether your workout is helping you slim down anyone?