If you’re one of the lucky few to currently be participating in the Gwent Closed Beta we have some good news. Well, it’s only really good news if you’re good at the game.

CD Projekt Red has announced the Gwent Challenger Tournament in partnership with ESL. The prize pool amounts to $100 000 with first place taking $60 000, second place $20 000 and third walking off with $10 000.

Qualifiers will be held according to time zones. Temeria qualifiers will take place on 8th April at 12:00 PST and 9th April at the same time. Redania qualifiers will take place on the same dates and times but in the GMT time zone.

A total of 512 players from both timezones will compete until there are 16 left. Those players will advance to day two and four finalists will progress through to the finals at ESL Arena in Katowice, Poland.

There is however, a catch.

The four players that progress through to the finals will not only face each other but four professional gamers from the likes of Hearthstone and Dota 2.

The four pro’s players will face are Jeffery “Trump” Shih (Hearthstone), Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy (Hearthstone), Peter “ppd” Dager (Dota 2) and Kacem “Noxious” Khilaji (Hearthstone).

Entry into the tournament is free and should you make it to the finals CD Projekt Red and ESL will fly you to Poland to compete in the tournament.

If you reckon you can take down some pro-gamers in a game of Gwent we suggest you head over to the official tournament website now to register and acquaint yourself with the rules.


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