Prank your friends this Arduino Day to win prizes

While 1st April is best known as April Fool’s Day, it also marks Arduino Day, and maker sites and have rolled them into one with a competition.

The Arduino Day Prank Contest is very simple: create some kind of prank or goof using any electronic system made with’s code and wiring creation software.

Contestants and prospective pranksters then need to submit a short write up and quality images, as well as a URL of the creation, bill of material, schematics, source code and CAD files if necessary.

All those requirements must be submitted as project page on the site. There’s extra points awarded for a good video of the prank in action.


The example project shown off is a motion-triggered confetti cannon that you can see in action below. We think bike-riding yellow shirt man was in on the joke, though.

The winning entry receives a $150 (~R1 900) gift card to the rather excellent Sparkfun store as well as a video created by the organisers based on the entry.

Submissions for the contest close on 15th April 2017 with winners announced on 25th April.

Make sure you read the FAQ and the contest page closely before submitting, and we hope to see your project featured on makers.htxt soon.


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