It’s a shorter week than usual thanks to Human Rights day but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting your weekly podcast, even if it is a bit later than usual.

This week it’s just Nick and myself sitting in his front room as our regular studio is unavailable so if you hear an excess of traffic or microphones cutting out, please forgive us.

I’ve been playing Wildlands and while I’m busy writing the review I thought I would share my thoughts on the game during this edition of the podcast. To sum up it’s an awesome experience with friends but if you play alone it may leave you wanting.

Then Nick talks about Google’s success with its Digital Skills for Africa programme which has trained over 1 million Africans, and surpassed the initial target.

Finally, we chat about that Spur video and whether the spate of “doxing” (we use the term very loosely here) that has followed it is deserved.