Retailers. You gotta love them. Being in a position to sell all the shiny tech means that sometimes they’re privy to information the rest of us don’t have, and sometimes that information leaks out.

Online retailer Raru revealed the launch date for the Xbox One S earlier this week, but if you want to take part in some of juicy offers, you have a limited time to do so.

Tottle along to Raru’s site and you’ll find four listings: two for an Xbox One S with 500GB onboard storage and two for an Xbox One S with 1TB onboard storage. According to the listings, all four of these consoles will be made available on April 13th of this year. Yes, that’s just a few weeks away.

From the looks of things two of these packages come bundled with a copy of FIFA 17 and two of them are offering 12 months of Xbox Gold subscription. All four bundles are offering an extra Xbox One controller as part of the package.

The 500GB consoles are priced at R4 999 and the 1TB machines are going for R5 999.

Now here’s the kicker: all four bundles are available for pre-order until April 6th. It’s likely once that date passes the console won’t turn into pumpkins or anything, but you may be missing out on a rather sweet deal that dissolves after the deadline.

We’ve reached out to Prima and Microsoft for more information about whether more deals will be in the offing. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything back.