The famous Bolter weapon from Warhammer 40K has received another 3D printed incarnation, complete with the detailing for the Ultramarines.

The first time we came across such a design was this unmarked version. Not only had that model not been painted or detailed, but it was also hilariously large. While it was too big for a regular human, it did scale better with the jacked up Space Marines.

This version by Robert H. Abazyan, in contrast, has some of the most authentic painting and finishing we have ever seen. Make sure you take a few seconds to look at the chip effect on the stock and the scratch marks on the magazine.

It’s also much smaller than the ‘real thing’ so if you’re cosplaying an Ultramarine and you’re not eight feet tall, this may be a better fit. Don’t forget that it could always be scaled up or down for your needs.

The files to make your own are free to download off of MyMiniFactory. 

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