ShowMax and Vodacom have partnered up to give subscribers something they really do want – free data.

From today ShowMax subscribers that pay their bill using Vodacom services will get three months of data (this totals 3GBs says ShowMax) compliments of the streaming service.

“Internet TV is taking off – it makes so much sense if you’ve got a smartphone or tablet to stream and download TV shows and movies whenever and wherever you want,” says head of ShowMax Africa Chris Savides.

“What we’re finding, though, is that data can be an issue for some customers and that’s why we decided to try including it in the purchase price.”

The offer is retroactive so if you’re already paying your ShowMax subscription in conjunction with your Vodacom bill you should see a gift of 1GB of data arriving in your account sometime today.

All you’ll need to do to keep that gift coming every month is to keep your ShowMax subscription active which costs R99 per month.

ShowMax says that the data should be enough to download roughly 35 episodes of a 20 minute show though results may vary.