A couple of weeks ago a rumour started circulating that Blizzard was in the process of remastering its seminal RTS from 1998, Starcraft.

Naturally, the publishing giant kept quiet about this – fill in your own quote on not commenting on rumour and speculation here – but the hype wagon started rolling nonetheless.

Turns out there was good reason for it: Blizzard has announced that Starcraft Remastered is indeed in the pipeline and is set for release ‘this summer’ – and that would be ‘this winter’ for all you locals.

Check out the reveal trailer below:

As the trailer shows, this remaster gives Blizzard’s classic quite a nice new coat of paint. Buildings and units have been remastered along with all the environments. It also features Brood War – the expansion pack released back in the day – and online play synced with Blizzard App (which up until recently was known as Battle.net).

The remaster also includes widescreen UHD support, better matchmaking, cloud saves for any preferences and creations one may have for the game and eight new languages stacked on the five that came bundled with the original. There are also some new comic-book style cut scenes added to underpin the game’s narrative.

Crucially, however, the interface and mechanics remain untouched, which means that while everything looks a lot less pixelated, the old style of play is intact.

So, now that this out of the way, can we please have a couple of Warcraft remasters?