The City of Cape Town has proposed a budget of R260 million for its broadband and free WiFi projects for the new financial year.

Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille delivered her proposed draft budget at the Cape Legislature yesterday, giving an outline on what her administration plans to spend on in the 2017/18 financial year.

The R260 million will go towards continuation of broadband roll-out to build a metro area telecommunications network to serve the needs of the city, residents and businesses.

De Lille also proposed R5 million to go towards IT modernisation to render integrated, streamlined and efficient business processes e.g. booking and reservation systems at community facilities and appointment systems at public clinics.

In total, the proposed budget amounts to R44.3 billion.

Other notable expenditures include:

  • R943 million for personal primary healthcare services
  • R629 million for ongoing roads, stormwater and traffic signals maintenance
  • R583 million to provide affordable alternative road-based public transport

De Lille will be presenting this budget at two meetings each in all four quadrants across Cape Town over the next two weeks.

“I really want to make an appeal to all residents to exercise their civic duty and give us their input. I want the public to remember that even though the City is the custodian and I am the accounting officer, this is their money,” the Mayor said.

“I am looking forward to your valued input so that we can all work together to make our great city even greater.”