Ford Motor Company South Africa has issued a voluntary recall of 1 078 Ford Fiesta ST hatchbacks.

The affected models are turbocharged 1.6l Ford Fiesta STs that were manufactured between September 2012 and December 2014. The ST uses a similar engine as the Ford Kuga which was recalled earlier this year, though it is tuned differently according to IOL.

The problem appears to be with the engine’s coolant circulation. If that sounds familiar that’s because this issue also plagued the 1.6l Kuga.

“In the affected vehicles, a lack of coolant circulation could cause an engine to overheat, resulting in a crack in the cylinder head. A cracked cylinder head can result in a pressurised oil leak. Oil that comes into contact with a hot engine surface increases the risk of a fire in the engine compartment,” reads an official statement from Ford.

The trouble is that the parts Ford needs to repair the problem are only going to be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

“Ford does insist, however, that customers can continue to drive their vehicles, but that they should frequently check their car’s coolant levels and visit a Ford dealer immediately if there are any signs of a coolant leak or of overheating,” reports IOL.

Customers that are concerned about their hot hatch have been told to contact Ford on 0860 011 022.

[Image – Ford]


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