Forgot something in your Uber? Here’s how to get it back

Here’s a pop quiz to start your day. What do phones, rings, keys, wallets and glasses have in common?

If you guessed that they are the items people commonly forget in an Uber ride, you would be correct.

The firm has detailed the most common items that forgetful riders leave behind. Joining the first five we mentioned are purses, licenses or IDs, gloves (or one glove says Uber), chargers and sunglasses.

Those items are rather ho-hum so Uber also detailed some of the more bizarre items left behind.


The items include salsa verde, a taser, a sweet potato care package, a paycheck (we want to meet the person that forgot about their paycheck), a cape and Nintendo. We presume that last one is either a console or a game.

How to get your cape, salsa verde or Nintendo back if you lose it

What many folks may not realise is that if you left Harry Potter glasses (another lost item in an Uber) in your Uber you can try to get it back.

First open the Uber app and tap the Menu. Once open, navigate to Help, tap it and then scroll to the option Report an issue with this trip below your last forgetful Uber ride.

Tap the option I lost an item and then on the following screen tap Contact my driver about a lost item.

You will then be met with a screen that will give a bit more information to smooth out the process particularly if you lost your own phone. Scroll to the bottom of that screen and key in your phone number. Tap Submit and your phone will dial the driver.

All you need to do then is set up a time and place with the driver to collect your lost goods.

[Image – CC BY 2.0 Paul Gorbould]

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